On this page you can find some general pixelmon tips and tricks which should work on every pixelmon server.

How to heal your pokemon:

You can heal your pokemon on the pixelmon server by going to one of the pokecenters build around towns in the world. Another way to heal your pokemon is getting everybody on the server to go to sleep, but seeing as that probably won't happen your best bet is to go to a pokemon center.
You also have the possibility to craft your own healing station. See the wiki for that :

Crafting your very own pokeballs

As crafting your own pokeballs in pixelmon is quite a proces I'll explain how to make them in steps.
1. The first step is getting 8 iron ingots so you can craft your own pixelmon anvil. This recipe can be found here:
Please note that this is NOT the standard minecraft anvil.
2. Place 3 iron ingots horizontally in a crafting bench. When you do this you shall receive 5 iron discs.
3. To start forming the pokeball on pixelmon you will need a hammer. I recommend getting an iron hammer or better seeing as other hammers are quite slow. This recipe can be found here:
4. The next step is to place an iron disc on the pixelmon anvil. You can do this by right-clicking the anvil while having the disc equipped. After that you'll have to equip your hammer and start LEFT clicking the iron disc. Do this until you don't see anymore changes to the disc. After that you should right-click on the anvil which will give you an iron base. This is the bottom part of any of the craftable pokeballs.
5. To craft any pokeball lids you will need to gather apricorns. In this example we will use the "normal" pokeballs.
Get 3 red apricorns and cook them using a furnace. To gather apricorns right-click on any apricorn tree. You can use communial or your own farms to quickly harvest an abundance of apricorns.
6. Now place the apricorns in a crafting bench next to each other horizontally. This will give you normal pokeball lids.
7. Place the pokeball lig on the pixelmon anvil and, just like step 4, hit the lid until you see no more differences. After that you'll have to gather the lids by right-clicking the anvil.
8. You're almost done. Now you have to get some standard buttons. You can easily get these by just smelting some cobblestone and then placing the smooth stone in any crafting slot.
9. Finally place the pokeball lid in the top slot of a crafting bench, the button in the center and the base at the bottom.
10. Well done, you have just succesfully crafted your first pokeball.

Catching pokemon:

It is fairly easy to catch a pokemon. It can be done in two ways:
1. Throw a pokeball at a wild pokemon by right-clicking when you have the pokeball equipped.
2. It is also possible to capture a pokemon while battleing them. Select "bag" from the battle menu and then click on "pokeballs". Here you can select any pokeball that you have in your inventory to throw at the wild pokemon.
Just like in the games you'll have to wait for a bit to see if you were able to catch the pokemon.

More tips?

We have an entire section on our forums dedicated to pixelmon and minecraft tips.
Check out the forums if you'd like to read more tips here.

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