TvanM's Pixelmon Server - Currently running pixelmon 3.0.1

Hello, and welcome to the website of my Pixelmon Server. On this website you will find information about the server and some general (beginner) information about the pixelmon mod itself.

On this website you can find the rules which apply to the server, the events we will be hosting, the upcoming plans that we have and any important anouncements will also be placed on this frontpage.

You can also find information about becoming a gymleader and challenging one. There is also an overview of all current gymleader and the specific requirements you need to challenge any gym.

Other than that you can find information about creating your very own official town. We think this is a very fun thing to do and should bring players closer together. Take in consideration the fact that building an official town according to the requirements will take up quite a bit of time.

To connect to the server make sure you have installed Pixelmon correctly and are using the correct version of it. You can then use the IP to connect to it.

Get involved - Let your voice be heard!

We constantly strive for a better experience and better quality. So if you have any ideas about improving the server head over to the forums and post your new suggestion in the correct board! It is much easier to get a hold of us through the forums in comparison to actually talking to us when we are on the server. It also keeps everything organised and we cannot forget any suggestions that you make.

News / Changelog
  • Added Mcmmo.
  • Added a ticket plugin. Use /helptickets for more info.
  • Added /hat to special rank.
  • Added /workbench to special rank.
  • Removed /repair from special rank.
  • Removed weather.
  • Removed death messages.
  • Upped the amount of pokemon that spawn.
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Future content
  • Pokemon Colosseum
  • Elite 4 / pokemon league
  • TvanM's Labyrinth
  • Pig racing course
  • Lots of different shops
  • PvP Area
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